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Christopher Trotter, Fife's Food Ambassador

As Fife’s Food Ambassador, an honorary title bestowed on me because of my passion for food in my region, I love sharing my knowledge with others.

If you book on one of my classes or come on a bespoke food tour, you will not just be getting a great culinary experience and have a lot of fun, but you will also get years of my experience and knowledge of food and cooking. I have also written books about cooking.

Christopher Trotter
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My career has taken in running hotels and restaurants. I have written several books on cooking and food. I have demonstrated at major events and school halls! Worked for several food guides, reviewing hotels and restaurants around the United Kingdom. I have made TV programmes and broadcast on radio regularly.

My bespoke Scottish food tours are simply that. If you and a group have a particular interest in a food matter then I can tailor a tour to suit you it can incorporate meeting farmers producers and cheesemakers! We can incorporate a cooking class. At the end of a day you can either enjoy a great dinner in a restaurant to we can get together to cook produce we have collected on our journeys.

My team building classes combine an element of competition if required! Or be simply a way of getting people who work together in one discipline, working together on level playing fields of cooking. My purpose built space in Falkland can accommodate all sorts of groups with different needs.


From knife handling to preparing everything from vegetables to game and shellfish.


You will be able to walk into your own kitchen ready to try new ideas and dishes.


Understanding what to look for in sourcing and preparing foods.